Awakening A Deeper Life

Established by renowned yoga teacher Paul Wooden, Gertrude Street Yoga Studio & Healing Centre has been serving the Fitzroy community and beyond for 15 years.

Offering yoga classes, workshops and courses both dynamic and subtle, and a range of Therapies, such as Acupuncture, and Massage the Gertrude Street team is committed to nurturing and inspiring radiance in body, heart and mind.



Upcoming Workshops

Yin Yoga
Sunday evening - September 21st
w/ Kirsty Greene


Restorative Yoga
Sunday 21st September w/ Ingrid Jolley


Yoga for Deep Healing
Sunday 5th of October w/Jess Neave

Moving Meditation
Sunday 5th of October w/Jess Neave


Upcoming Courses

Beginners 1
Started Thurs. 11th of September
w/ Katie Amrita


Beginners 2
Started Wednesday, 3rd of September
w/ Hannah Campos


Pre-Natal Yoga
Started Fri. 22nd of August w/ Ingrid Jolley


"Beyond the Asana"
Starts Mon. 29th of September


Try our new lunchtime class

w/ Annie Belcher

Thursdays 12:30 - 1:45pm

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