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About us

Our roots…

Gertrude Street Yoga Studio is a place to explore, elevate, and expand your yoga practice, on and off the mat. 

The studio was founded in 1997 and has developed into an urban centre for yoga, wellness, and community, currently offering Vinyasa, Hatha Flow, Yin, and Meditation classes as well as numerous specialty courses, workshops, and events.

The Healing Centre has a number of holistic health and wellness practitioners offering services such as massage, counselling, Reiki, and others.

Our space…

Housed in the historic Johnson Furniture Building, Gertrude Street Yoga is often described as feeling like a home away from home. The spaces remain true to their heritage and feature original hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and large warehouse style windows.

The main studio features high ceilings and wall-to-wall windows that fill the space with natural light. The second smaller studio features north-facing arch windows that overlook the treetops of Fitzroy and let the morning sun stream in.

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Our philosophy…

Our vision is to cultivate a community that values yoga as a holistic practice, which begins on the mat and expands into everyday life. Our goal is to offer a variety of classes that focus on developing the physical practice of asana, as well as pranayama (breath), meditation, and the other limbs of yoga. We encourage the cultivation of a body-mind connection as well as self-inquiry and inner exploration.

Rather than teaching from a specific lineage, our teachers offer classes influenced by their own varied and diverse trainings, experiences and practices; allowing them to tap into their creativity and develop classes that they are truly passionate about. This gives students a broad range of styles to explore, encouraging them find and develop an authentic and meaningful practice.

Our classes are open level and we welcome everybody from the beginner to the seasoned yogi!

Class Styles

  • Vinyasa

    A dynamic approach to Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga connects movement (asana) with breath, resulting in a creative and energetic practice. Vinyasa classes offer the opportunity to flow continuously from pose to pose, creating natural heat in the body, increasing circulation and building strength, stamina, and cardiovascular fitness. All levels of students are welcome and modifications are offered to students who are newer to practicing Yoga… Book into a Vinyasa Class

  • Hatha Flow

    A slower approach to Yoga, Hatha Flow is both a mindful and physically demanding practice. Hatha Flow classes allow you to improve your alignment, while building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving stamina. Longer holds and slower transitions offer a perfect opportunity to increase your understanding of the body in each pose, and more time spent working on each pose will allow you to deepen and improve your practice. All levels of students are welcome and modifications are offered to students who are newer to practicing Yoga… Book into a Hatha Flow Class

  • Yin

    A deep, nourishing approach to Yoga, Yin Yoga is the perfect balance to a more dynamic Yoga practice, cardio exercise, or time spent sitting at a desk. Yin offers long, meditative holds to delve into the deep connective tissues of the body. By moving through postures that focus on relaxing the muscles to stretch deep connective tissues (fascia),you release stress and tension throughout the entire body, resulting in greater mobility that facilitates structural and mental balance. All levels of students are welcome… Book into a Yin Class

  • Prenatal Yoga

    Prenatal Yoga supports women mentally and physically throughout pregnancy and in preparation for birth. A well rounded nourishing yoga practice gives women the opportunity to find both strength and surrender in the body, mind and spirit. Each class will involve the following practices: breathing exercises to assist with pain management and relaxation, slow flowing postures to build concentration, trust and intuition, strengthening postures to build stamina and courage, and meditation to assist women in staying calm, open and strong during pregnancy and the powerful process of childbirth… Book into a Prenatal Yoga class

  • Meditation

    Discover the potency of your breath and the power of your mind. Meditation provides students with an opportunity to explore foundational and progressive breath work practices and meditation techniques from mindfulness and tantric traditions. These practices are essential tools of yoga for serious students, beginners, and those looking for powerful awareness tools to enhance everyday life… Book into a Meditation Class

  • Yin Flow

    Bringing together the movement and flow of a more dynamic practice, and the deep stretching and meditative relaxation of a yin practice Yin/Yang is the perfect balance. Enjoy slow flowing movement to warm up the body and connect to the breath for the first 30 minutes of class and then transition into the long holds of yin poses to stretch deep into the connective tissues (fascia) of the body… Book into a Yin Flow Class

  • Foundations

    Develop the foundations of your yoga practice. Take time to learn proper alignment and transitions in order to practice safely and confidently in your body. Learn basic breath-work and sequences that are used at Gertrude Street Yoga so that you are prepared to enjoy the other classes on the timetable. Foundations is perfect for students new to yoga, students returning to the practice after a break, and students wanting to learn more about proper alignment and practicing safely… Book into a Foundations Class


Find a class on our timetable that you would like to try! Once you have decided on a class, book into the class and choose a pricing option. We recommend that students new to the Studio try the Intro Offer in order to experience a variety of teachers and class styles.
Arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes early to claim your booking, chat to the teacher, discuss any questions or injuries, and get to know the studio.
Make sure you’re well hydrated and refrain from eating a big meal directly before class.
We recommend booking into the class you plan on attending in order to secure your spot. If you book and don’t show up, you do not forfeit your payment, however you must arrive 10 minutes prior to the class start time to secure your booking, or your spot may be given to a walk in.

You can book into class via our timetable page or by downloading the Mindbody App here.

A yoga mat. Also available to hire for $1 per use.
A bottle of water.
A sweat towel, if you like to use one.

Comfortable active wear that you can move, stretch, and sweat it.
Mats and non-slip towels are available for hire.
Water and tea is complimentary.
We have bathrooms and change rooms, however we do not have shower facilities.
If you used a studio yoga mat please use the cleaning supplies provided to wipe down your mat before putting it away.
Put away any props that you used.
Feel free to stay for a cup of tea and a chat with the teacher!
We ask that you please go barefoot in the yoga studios, and leave your shoes on the shoe racks before going into class.
Place the right front corner of your yoga mat on a yellow sticker on the floor to ensure enough space for others.
Grab any props that the teacher has asked you to use or that you feel you might need.
If you need to leave class early for any reason have a chat with the teacher before class begins to ensure you don’t disrupt others.
Make sure your phone is on silent.
Listen to your body, respect your limits, and let yourself rest at any time.
That’s fine! Our classes are open to all levels of students and modifications are offered as needed.
Please let the teacher know that you are new to yoga when you check in – they may be able to give you special assistance during the class.
We recommend placing your mat near the centre of the room so that you can watch people around you.
Remember that there will be people of all levels in the room, don’t be intimidated by someone practicing an advance pose; remember there is no competition or judgement and everyone is welcome!
We recommend booking into one of our regular Beginner Yoga Courses or attending our weekly Foundations class to ensure you have a strong and clear understanding of the practice. You can check out the next course here and book into a Foundations class here.
You can practice as often as you like!

Some students practice most days of the week and others practice more sporadically.
We recommend a practice of at least 2-3 times per week to see improvement and feel the full benefits of yoga, on and off the mat.