8 Minute Kundalini Home Practice for Spring

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Meet Joanna, our wonderful Kundalini yoga teacher!  Read below to hear a bit about Joanna's own practice this spring and watch the video below for an 8 minute home practice perfect for this spring season.

I'm enjoying quite a slow and mindful practice at the moment employing aspects of Yin yoga, acupressure points from Traditional Chinese Medicine and a daily Kundalini meditation. 

As we're coming into Spring and the Wood element, I'm working along the liver meridian (which runs between the big/ second toe and the inner seam of the leg) and Gallbladder meridian (that runs along the outer leg and zig zags up the side body). Focus is on shapes and pressure points which stimulate and stretch these areas, using plenty of props including a tennis ball. 

I've also committed to a 40 day Sadhana (spiritual practice) of an 11 minute Kundalini meditation: 'Connect with the sensory system'. This involves a specific mudra and a breath technique (in through the mouth and out through the nose) that heightens and opens up the sensory system. What's said of this meditation is "There is the earth, universe and galaxies. We are huge, interactive and very vast. As you do this exercise, you start sensing the entire universe within yourself". 
About Joanna

Joanna's training in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, yoga anatomy and Integrative Qi Gong have given her the tools to step out of herself and connect to something bigger -universal consciousness- along with understanding the anatomical, physiological and energetic realms of the body. With this knowledge, her wish is to provide others with the space for exploring and understanding themselves more knowing that emotions, habits and behaviours can be safely investigated through movement, meditation, mantra and breath work. 

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