April: A new cycle calling for action and intellectual intensity

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March has been an internally intense month with Mercury moving retrograde through Pisces. Subconscious patterns, desires and needs, shifted to the surface for review and a lot of us spent the first half of the month in watery chaos. The Full Moon in Libra, coinciding with the Aries equinox shot us forward with momentum, to move out of our aches and pains with growth. This energy promises to gain intensity, as Mercury begins direct movement on the 28th of March. 

The first of April sees Mars entering Gemini. Mars is the planet of passion, aggression, determination, quick action and yang energy. Gemini is the zodiac of communication, the mind and mental activity. Be prepared for your mind and intellect to really be woken during the month of April. There will be a sharpness that will be available and the gusto to make things happen. Mars moves quickly and shakes up the house that it tours through, creating progress and shifting anything that is stuck. To understand how this energy will effect you personally, take a look at your natal chart to locate in what house Gemini lies. 

The Sun will spend most of the month in Aries until the 21st when it will change into Taurus. Aries is forward moving, passionate, aggressive and initiating. There will be a fire of inspiration and action that is available to be tapped into with this combination of Mars and the Sun. Get projects and ideas started and established to then take advantage of the Sun’s shift into Taurus on the 21st. The energy of Taurus is that of fixed Earth. Taurus energy can be slow to initiate but once that initial step has been made, Taurus will allow you the energy to see things through to completion. Hence the significance of establishing movement of projects before the 21st, as Taurus Sun will take what is already moving and flourish. 

The New Moon in Aries at 15°17′ will occur on the 5th of April at 7:50pm (19:50) Australian EST and 8.50am (08:50), UK time. As Aries is the first of the zodiac, this marks a brand new cycle of the Moon. If you have been lax with your new and full Moon manifestations, now is the time to kick yourself into gear. New Moon manifestations should be performed, always, just after the New Moon has occurred and preferably within the first 72 hours. This is the perfect time to write yourself out goals for the next 12 months. As explained above, Aries energy is about fire and initiation! Take action! If there are any habits you want to integrate, THIS IS THE TIME TO START. Be courageous, if you have been hiding in fear of shifting certain things. Aries energy has no room for fear, so get on that wave and release your inhibitions. An important note to this New Moon is that it will be squaring Saturn in Capricorn. So, although the Moon and Sun want you to MOVE FORWARD NOW, Saturn is calling you to pay attention to detail and get things done properly, with diligence. This energy may be felt as something is holding us back. With awareness what that Saturn is asking us to set ourselves up properly, we can make the most of this energy. 

The Full Moon of the month will be the second Full Moon in Libra in a row. The 6th Full Moon in a row to be at a critical degree – this one landing at 29°07′ Libra on the 19th of April at 11:12pm (21:12) Australian EST and 12:12pm (12:12), UK time. Libra Full Moons ask us to review how we are interacting within relationships. Have you been too focused on others and neglecting your own needs? Have you been living your life through someone else and have you been too gullible and not trusting your own truth? These questions were raised and triggered by the Full Moon in March. For those of us that reviewed these aspects of ourselves and have started to implement healthy action and/or change, we will be tested. For those who have been sitting in these issues without movement, will again be prompted and pushed to shift by the universe. Find in what house 29°07′ of Libra falls to understand what area of your life will be triggered by this Full Moon. Full Moons are time of release. Take feedback from the situations that arise around this time and observe what is no longer serving you. Release what no longer serves and make room for better things to come. Venus will be in Pisces at this time and deep connection to others is very available.

There is so much more that I want to fit into this article but I will conclude by sharing that Jupiter will be going stationary to turn retrograde on the 10th. At this same time, Uranus will be trining Jupiter. This is the date to discover something new. There will be an urge of escapism, as something in us will be desiring different land, planes, perspectives or realities. Keep in mind that the soul wants new experience this day and may be sorely disappointed if you rest in the mundane. New experience will have a profound effect on the psyche. 

Take initiative this month.
Take it with discipline, courage and grace

Big Love,

Alaine Simone

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