Clara McKay


Energy Healing

Intuitive energetic clearing with reiki, crystal healing, sound and aromatherapy. Leave feeling lighter, more grounded, deeply relaxed, clear and rested. Includes consultation and spiritual aftercare.

  • Initial consultation 90 minutes - $120
  • Follow up consultation 60 minutes - $90

Radiance Guidance

Spiritual consultation, tools for building self-worth, for accessing a more aligned way of being and wellness expansion including use of vedic methods for grounding and accessing intuition. Leave feeling clear, more purposeful, more supported and with tools for creating positive lifestyle changes

  • 60 minutes - $90

Intuitive Tarot

A tarot reading that draws upon astrology, auric analysis and clairstentient intuition for guidance and clarity. These readings are an open dialogue between you, the reader and the cards you will leave feeling grounded, secure and supported.

  • 30 minutes - $55
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About Clara

Clara is an intuitive energy healer using modalities including Reiki, energy work, amplified crystal healing, tarot and Ayurvedic ritual to offer a holistic wellbeing sessions.

Working with her Romani heritage Clara uses clairsentient and auric analysis to offer a deep healing and insight into methods for promoting self-worth and radiance. Her sessions will leave you feeling calmer, clear and more purposeful.