Integrative Healing 

with Vangelis Legakis

Integrative Massage Treatment

An Integrative Massage Treatment focuses on the physical body and brings together a range of different techniques according to your unique situation. Techniques and modalities include the following. 

Structural Energy Awakening (SEA)

A massage therapy that combines Thai massage with sports massage including nerve and muscle release for a complete realignment of the body. It is a very powerful massage treatment which will alleviate any injury pains by allowing the energy to flow naturally in the body. The treatments follows the energy lines from Thai massage.


Tsi Nei Tsang (TNT)

A massage for the abdomen area. The treatment goes deep into the organs and releases any energies blockages and emotional traumas. It is a unique therapy that is being practiced extensively in Thailand at Tao Garden (Mantak Chia) and by Khun Ni – the master healer of this practices.


Integrative Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy

Focuses on the cerebrospinal fluid that is secreted by our brain and has a rhythm and pulse on its own. When there is an imbalance in our health this fluid is not being pumped equally to the whole body so as for the body and mind to function in balance. It is a gentle 'yin' treatment that allows any disharmonies in the body and emotional traumas to release.


Duration & Investment
60 minutes

An Integrative Energy Treatment focuses on the subtle or energetic body and brings together a range of different techniques according to your unique situation. Techniques and modalities include the following. 


Neuro-skeletal Re-Alignment (NSRA)

A gentle therapy that focuses on the nervous system and its pulsation through the meridian lines. It is a very effective treatment to release musculoskeletal issues because the information of the are being treated goes to the brain and thereafter there is a feedback going to the particular area to realign effortlessly and pain free.


Reiki and 5 Elements Energy Healing (5EEH)

5 Elements Energy Healing works in combination integrating Reiki with Chi Gong philosophy following the 5 elements philosophy. According to Chi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine all organs connect with different elements and some organs are yin and others yang. Also organs store emotional traumas and negative feelings which in the long run affects our health; organs and physical body. Together both treatments offer a powerful energetic realignment working on all five bodies: the physical, psychological, emotional, energetic and ethereal.

Duration & Investment 
60 minutes
About Vangelis

Vangelis Legakis has studied for many years with great healers and therapy practitioners from around the world. He studied at Morley College (London, UK) Reiki I, II, & Master’s levels, Reflexology, Neuro-skeletal Re-Alignment, Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage and he further advanced his studies in Structural Energy Awakening Therapy (studied with Mike Tan), Divine Healing Therapy (with Dr, Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire), Integrative Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and Thanatology (Rosemary Wallace), Abdominal Massage (with Felicity Joy), Tsi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang (Abdominal detoxification massage with master healer Khun Ni).

He is also integrating Kundalini Yoga and Chi Gong 5 elements balance for healing the body, mind and emotions. He has studied for many years with great masters including Mantak Chia, Tew Bunnag, and Karta Singh. He worked at Trinity Laban Health department (2008-2011) treating dance artists but also other people with diverse injuries and chronic conditions. Vangelis brings equilibrium, awareness and a healthy state of being, in body, mind and emotions for the spirit to grow and find inner peace.