The Chakra system acts as a bridge between our physical layer and our emotional and mental layers. These energetic vortices (the chakras) are the entry gates to our aura (energetic field) and when they are blocked energy does not flow harmoniously through the nadis (energetic channels), creating imbalances at many levels.

The blockages can be a result of unconscious false beliefs, traumas, injuries, among other things.

The healing crystals and stones are gifts from the earth that help restore balance and harmony in our energy field by amplifying the universal light energy that is always available for us. They assist in allowing energy to flow harmoniously through the chakras by drawing in, releasing and refracting light energy as needed.


What to expect from a session?

This sessions are received on a massage table with clothes on. Crystals will be placed gently in specific areas of your body and you will receive a soft hands-on and hands-above touch as well. All that is required from you is to stay open, receptive and honest to yourself. You might feel a broad spectrum of different sensations, like warmth, tingling, weightlessness, seeing colours or lights. But everyone is different and with it’s own sensitivity range, so trust your own healing process. The practitioner and the crystals act as vehicles for the energy to flow in a balanced way, helping you to connect with your own healing power and the natural healer that you are.


$130 for a 60 minute session


Tarot Session

It is an ancient and sacred symbolic language that accompanies and helps the development of a being in its process of self-knowledge. We use the secret message of the symbols to allow your unconscious to speak and thus emerge into consciousness what perhaps was not being integrated by you. And so we can ‘see’ and light up those parts that were in the shadows.

We work with the Major & Minor Arcana, which respond to different universal archetypes that invite you to immerse yourself in a perception that goes beyond the rational, and that connects you with your intuitive and sensitive world.

Archetypes are symbols that are alive in the collective unconscious and that tell us about the different dimensions of consciousness. They serve as a guide and map for your inner universe, re-linking what was fragmented.

What to expect from a session?
There are many 'spreads' and various ways of approaching the session. Usually, we start with a short meditation to tune in with yourself and with the sacred space that we're co-creating together. Followed by the 'why' is it that you are consulting. Maybe you don't know, and you simply felt attracted or interested or felt the call to reach out and connect to these symbols. This is a safe space for you to open, expressing your needs and see how together with the energy of the cards, you are guided through the path of manifesting your desires.
During the meeting, a synchronic relationship unfolds where the symbols that appear have an intimate relationship with what you're going through. And so it is that a psychic movement begins to bring to consciousness what was forgotten or rejected, in an alchemical process of integration.
$130 for a 60 minute session
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About Lucia

Lucia has been a Contemporary dancer and Yoga practitioner for 20 years. She has been teaching movement, somatics, Yoga and meditation for the last 15 years in South America, and now in Australia. She has always been passionate about the immense wisdom of the body and its self-healing capacity. Believing that a bodyful practice gives us the possibility to listen, know and feel into ourselves deeply. In that way we're able to embody the present moment and make choices from our authentic self, discovering our singularity and therefore share it with the collective, inspiring and being inspired by others in this interwoven connection of life that we are part of.


From a very young age she felt atracted to esoteric practices, such as crystal healing, Tarot and Astrology, as a way of understanding the mystery of this existence, developing her intuition and helping others to tap into their own healing powers.

As a woman that has cultivated a strong sense of resilience by healing various childhood traumas, surviving to anorexia and healing her relationship with the sacred feminine, she feels the call to share with other women some of the tools that helped her along the journey. She facilitates moon rituals through archetypical language, women gathering circles and one on one sessions.


Before sharing her work world wide, she owned a Yoga and healing therapies Studio in Argentina for eight years. Among her offerings, she facilitates an International Yoga teacher training with somatic movement approach as well as workshops, Retreats, and regular classes in various Studios around Melbourne.


Teaching and sharing is one of her main passions and purposes in life, because she strongly believes that is not only the knowledge that heals, but the sacredness that emerges from the space cocreated by both giver and receiver.