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We're so glad you've found your way here. Everything you need to know to prepare for your first visit is laid out below. If you're brand new to yoga we have some recommendations for you, and if you have any questions check out our FAQ section. We look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.


  • If you're new to yoga...

    We recommend that you begin by attending our Foundations Flow Classes. These are specifically formulated to cater to students new to yoga and are a fun, safe, friendly way to begin your practice. You can book into your first class by heading to our timetable page.

  • If you're ready for more...

    We recommend that everyone who has been practicing for awhile and is loving the classes sign up for our Foundations of Yoga Course. This is a 4 week course that gives you a much more expansive and holistic understanding of yoga. You can book into the next Foundations of Yoga Course on our workshops courses + events page.

  • What to buy...

    We recommend that everyone begin by signing up for our $30 for 30 Day Unlimited Yoga Introductory Offer. From there you have a number of choices including our Foundations Class Pass, and our Membership. You can check out all of our pricing options on our prices page.



"Lovely, committed practice featuring innovative sequencing, engaged pranayama practice, multiple levels of poses offered, and an engaged community of yogis."

-Megan Moore 

"Stunning light filled space & warm, welcoming vibes. Such a vibrant community of teachers, students & healers. Love spending time here!"

-Justine Malick

"Great community space and brilliant teachers, a great variety of different teaching styles. If you're new to yoga, this is the place for you."

-Amy Nicholas

"I actually can't recommend GSY highly enough. I've had nothing but positive experiences there since I began their beginners course a couple of years ago and have continued developing my skills from there."

-Matt Atkins

Book Your Class

When you're ready to book your first class head to our timetable where you can browse our 44 classes and 7 styles of yoga.