Spring Astrological Forecast

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The Spring Equinox is kicking off with Libra season on Sunday, the 23rd of September. Get ready for high level information downloads and a spot light on our relationships, with others and ourselves.

The Spring Equinox is set to occur on Sunday at 11.53am, Melbourne time. This means that the Sun comes into alignment with the equator of the Earth, as the planet is tilting and the seasons are changing. At the precise moment of the Equinox, the magnetic field around the Earth drops and we are open to higher level information, particularly if you are sensitive.

Ancient people from around the globe have known this and that is why many of them practiced ceremonies on these days. They were aware of the heightened state of awareness and the information that is available and is very helpful to us. Be ready to receive some ah-ha moments and epiphanies that will alter and shift your perspectives, allowing you to see the bigger picture. This may also be felt as brand new and innovative ideas! Take some quiet time to meditate and reflect.

Open yourself up to that cosmic information, baby!

The Sun will be shifting into Libra on Sunday at 3.54am, taking us into sociable Libra season. This is a time that we will begin to reflect on “us”. Diving deeply into the reflections that the people around us offer of ourselves.

On the 25th of September, at precisely 12.52pm, the Moon will become full in Aries. In general terms, this Full Moon will be highlighting the “You and me” polarity within your life. The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle and generally means that something will be coming to a head. For a more specific understanding of how this Full Moon effects your life, you will want to find what house 01°59' of Aries is in, in your chart.

Uranus in Taurus has been Squaring Mars in Aquarius, since May. This has been creating a strong sense of rebellion and a need for freedom and this energy could have been felt as eruptive and volatile. Hopefully you have used this energy to your benefit to create something new, step out of old paradigms or break and reform structures. This aspect will be easing off late October and we may feel a sense of ease and comfortability as we settle into the new structures we have created.

As Taurus rules Earth and Mars represents explosions of energy, this aspect has been felt on a global level with erratic and volatile weather conditions, such as erupting volcanos and Earth quakes.

The Moon will start a new cycle on the 9th of October at 2.47pm, creating a New Moon in Libra. Leading up to this date, in general terms, we will see that any underlying issues with people around us will surface for sorting. This will test these relationships and hopefully offer a fresh start and a clean slate, moving forward. It may also help close any relationships that are no longer serving you. Breaking the cycle and creating something new.

For a more specific understanding of how this New Moon will affect you and what new cycles will come into play, take a look at what house 15°48' Libra falls in, within your chart. If you want to bring a new love into your life, set some healthy intentions around what sort of person you would like to attract, within 2 days after the New Moon in Libra (the sign of relationships), for a powerful effect. Its not so much about drawing one particular person in, but someone with the qualities you want to attract. So, think wisely and be careful what you wish for!

New Moons are the perfect time to set any kind of intentions you have for yourself. I like to write what I want to manifest on a piece of paper and burn the paper in a pot outside, under the stars. You don’t have to do it like this but I think the fire adds the perfect amount of dramatic magic to get things going!

The Sun will be shifting into deep and intense Scorpio on the 23rd of October at 1.22pm. Scorpio is one of my favourite signs and can be very misunderstood. Scorpios are deep feelers of the zodiac. They are able to feel intense, blissful, transcending highs and crippling, agonising lows. I see this as a blessing, because from this Scorpios are gifted with perspective. This is why they tend to be more introverted, their inner worlds are vast.

As the Sun shifts into Scorpio season, the rest of us will be able to tap into such introspection, within ourselves, gaining a deeper understanding of our worlds within and without.

The Full Moon in Taurus will occur on the 25th of October at 3.45am, again bringing something to a head. This is a special Full Moon as it will occur at the same place as Uranus’ in the sky. Depending on where 01°13' falls in your chart, you will have a more specific understanding of how this will play out in your life.

In general terms this is going to create an event that it is going to make us reflect on our possessions, finance, how we view money and how we value ourselves.

Uranus being conjunct the Moon at the time it is full, will invite something ground breaking that will allow us to transcend old confines, breaking free and moving forward into something new. Uranus is all about freedom and doesn’t want to be held back by anything. I don’t think our self-worth should be held back by anything either! From pain comes growth, don’t expect this Full Moon in Taurus on the 25th of October to be easy and uneventful! Remember, that the universe never gives you something that you can’t handle. Bring on the growth!

Relationships will continue to be a main theme over the coming season, as Venus will be going retrograde for 6 weeks between the 6th of October and the 16th of November.

As Venus goes retrograde, generally haircuts do not turn out well, so avoiding them during this time is advisable. Also, be cautious of big-ticket items that are bought during this time. Remember to keep all of your receipts and guarantees. Most importantly watch out for old relationships and friendships that may reappear during this time. They may be coming back to reignite, teach you new lessons or close old doors.

Whichever way Venus expresses herself in your life, it will have a level of intensity and depth as she moves through Scorpio, then balancing as she moves through her ruler Libra, before again turning direct.

Big Love!

Alaine Simone

Alaine Simone

I am passionate about understanding the human experience in both physical and spiritual forms, from a yin-yang perspective. I hold deep respect and find equal importance for both science and spirituality. When I’m not seeing clients I am practicing Yoga, studying Astrology, singing, dancing or spending time in nature.

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