Indrani Parker

Role: Teacher

Indrani Parker was born and raised in the US within an interfaith spiritual community whose focus is compassion towards others and ourselves and being of service to others. This upbringing and exposure to a variety of cultural backgrounds, religions and needs became the foundation for her studies and life path.

She has a degree in Dance and Arts in Education and an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counselling, during which time she began more in-depth study within the Ugandan community as well as at risk children. After working with the African refugee community in Chicago for a time, she came to Australia, where she also has roots, and studied yoga, doula and birthwork more indepthly. After gaining reproductive health research and doula experience in India her passion for working with and supporting women during this process increased exponentially.

She has studied a variety of styles of yoga, including Anusara, Hatha, Vinyasa and restorative styles and completed her training with Power Living Australia in 2014. Now as a yoga teacher and doula, she is excited and grateful to be able to work with the community in such intimate ways, providing support in areas where it’s needed and wanted and where she is continually learning and growing. She is passionate about community and sees her work as an offerings of emotional, physical and potentially spiritual support.

Practice with Indrani