Ingrid Jolley

Role: Teacher

Ingrid is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, mentor and social worker. Ultimately she aspires to empower individuals to live healthy and fulfilling lives.
Ingrid aims to create a space where people can connect with themselves and others, building awareness and promoting wellbeing.
Ingrid’s approach to teaching yoga has been influenced by a variety of yoga styles that stem from the Hatha tradition. She teaching a fluid and flowing practice, coupled with dynamic postures that build strength, stamina, concentration and flexibility of the body and mind. Ingrid weaves the practice of meditation, breath work, yogic philosophy and restorative postures throughout her classes, to cultivate a well-rounded nourishing practice.
Ingrid strives to make yoga accessible to all needs and abilities. She does this through one to one yoga therapy sessions, small therapeutic group classes and other general needs based classes such as gentle yoga, kids/teens yoga, workplace yoga, pre and post natal yoga and restorative yoga.


Ingrid currently only teaches Workshops at Gertrude Street Yoga. Click the button below to see if she has anything coming up.

Practice with Ingrid