Weekend Workshops with Gwyn Williams


We're thrilled to be hosting visiting teacher Gwyn Williams for two workshops in January. These workshops are open to everyone regardless of experience and will include yoga, chi gung, partnerwork, and bodywork.


Gwyn is a movement based therapist who created Zenthai shiatsu 20 years ago. For the past two decades Gwyn has inspired thousands of students throughout the world with his continually evolving form, which is based around Thich Knat Hahn’s “When you touch something with awareness you touch everything".



Saturday 18 January 2020 | 9-4pm

One workshop: $75 | Two workshops: $120 (20% discount for GSY Members)


*You are welcome to attend either workshop or attend them both. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

Feet First: 9-12pm

The tap roots of a tree are deemed as of primary importance. They dictate the vitality, flexibility , strength and longevity of the tree. Our feet are no different. Starting at the feet we ascend up the body to the ankles, knees, hips and pelvis in a variety of movement patterns aimed at bringing a childlike buoyancy to a full self . We offer the movement  initially in  a solo conversation, graduate into playful partner exploration and finally bodywork gestures.


Instinct: 1-4pm

Our innate instinctual movement is rhythmic, spiralling and energising . Exploring the five elements of Chinese medicine and Chi gung principles we look at ways to stabilise our entirety  and increase our life force. The 5 elements gives us a great template to unravel the mysteries that guide us to our full potential.  Let’s allow life to be our teacher. Solo and partner work involved. This includes a small therapeutic sequence targeting the lower back

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